Help Debian Project

Do you want to help Debian Project and don’t know how to start? You can start with DDTP — Debian Description Translation Project. 🙂 Let me tell you why… You are going to help people that can’t read English to find their packages. Translating for DDTP is easy, you can do it from anywhere, you


Lately I’m feeling a little bit frustrated. Not in life, that is going great, BTW, but with some aspects about live and work in community. I found myself thinking “OMG, what now?!” before read one more tweet in my timeline or some new message in a mailing list. It’s hard to see people around the


Curitiba will participate of the FLISOL 2007 and you? =o) FLISOL (Latin American Software Libre Install Festival) is the largest Software Libre promoting event in Latin America. Since 2005, FLISOL promotes the use of software libre, making known its philosophy, its possibilities and developments to the general public. To achieve this, several local communities (in