Help Debian Project

Do you want to help Debian Project and don’t know how to start? You can start with DDTP — Debian Description Translation Project. 🙂 Let me tell you why… You are going to help people that can’t read English to find their packages. Translating for DDTP is easy, you can do it from anywhere, you


Numbers, numbers, give numbers to them! GPL use in Debian on the rise: study I love when people do researches and publish that, with facts, numbers and statistics. So better than wake up in the morning, drink some bad coffee and says: “I think that the use of GPL is decreasing”. Read it, don’t believe


Ok, ok, I know, was just my first FISL, but I really liked, very much. I was with some friends, they are great! I laugh a lot and met other friends there and others that I never had found personally before. Was a big event, more than five thousand people. Many talks, user groups, projects