I, me, myself

I’m Ana Carolina, but I prefer when people calls me Carol, I don’t use the Ana, has a lot of Ana in my family, I’m aquarius, I was born in 77, I have a blog but I’m too lazy to keep it up to date, I’ve fun with twitter and now I’m in facebook too,


Yep, one more year. Chocolate cake, three more penguins, a nice weekend and other things.

I read…

I finished the book… It is a little strange, a mix of sadness, fear, relief, hope… Many answered questions. I liked, really, was impressive. Now, back to the life… I need some rest… uahh.


Many time away. Some things happened. I had some days of vacations I went visit my father I survived to a dinner with my mother and father together (they are divorced since… ahmmm… many years) My son is officialy tallest than me :o) I read some books and bought others I did back to the


The winter arrived… jaquet, gloves, blouses… I’ll not complain. I really prefer the summer, with hot days, nice wind and wonderful nights covered with stars. Today is a very beautiful day, sunny, blue sky… I still want to be a bear in the winter and sleep for all season, but I can’t… so, I’ll enjoy


Last night I started to use bitlbee. Seem very nice to me. I’d used centericq lately, I’d tried gaim, but I couldn’t like of them. A few days ago I was lost between too many passwords. Ok, I remember all of them, but I just need feel safe. So, talking with faw , he told

Caroll 3.0

Uhhhh!! Nice day, sunny, blue sky, many friends, family, chocolate cake, light coke, hugs… I like that. =o) Birthday should be nice all day, no bad news, no sadness… just smiles!!!

Somebody has Blade”s email?

Last night appeared a bat in my home, worse, in my bedroom. Is not the first time that this happen, last year I received the visit from another bat, but my son was in home and kicked the bat out (he is my hero…hehehe) but today I’m alone, and the bat is there… Bleargh…