My adventure this week

chihuahua puppy

Last Monday there was a post on Nextdoor where a woman was selling puppies for $25 each. The picture wasn’t very good, but I could count at least 5 puppies and there seemed really young to be sold. A lot of people tried convince her to surrender them to a shelter or let any of us get all them together to surrender, I said I could pick them up. She said that her father wanted money and he needed to get rid of the puppies until next day.

At some point, a neighbor (Ninette, that I had never met before) contacted me privately and told me that she called the woman and she agreed to sell all them to Ninette, for $300. Ninette said she didn’t have all this money, but that she could pay $150 and they agreed. Ninette text me to check if I could hold the puppies for one day and if I could go with her to take the puppies, we’re both afraid to go alone.

We got there, was a house in East Palo Alto, the mama dog came to the gate and the woman’s father came to see us. He said there were 6 puppies, that the male dog was a chihuahua too and that they belonged to a neighbor that suffered an accident (lost a leg, and few days after back home had an accident with something full of hot water, weird story…) and the person couldn’t take care of herself anymore, so the family got rid of the dogs, giving them to this guy, that was selling them as fast as he could, like a bag of potatoes.

As soon as he opened the gate, the mama dog came directly to me, very calm and happy, wagging her tail. Ninette went inside to take the puppies, paid the guy and we left with all the 7 dogs, yep, all seven!

I called my coordinator at PHS&SPCA (I’m a volunteer there) to ask for help, but she said they had a puppy with parvo and she is worried about our tiny puppies getting sick, being too young to be vaccinated or to survive at. They were running low on fosters too, but she said she would try to find but that we should try to find someone too. I contacted Copper’s Dream Rescue, Pound Puppy Rescue and Rocket Dog Rescue too. Until today just PPR answered, but they couldn’t take our little family, they have lots of puppies too.

Many neighbors that were in the NextDoor thread said they want to help with donations and even help to find good homes for the puppies and the spay surgery for the mama, when the time comes.

I had them for two nights and we found a foster family. They live in a city near here (like 1 hour distance) and will keep them for a couple of weeks, after that we already have 2 other foster homes. We got donations: pee pads, kibble, can food, a bed, water/food bowls, a blanket and Ninette is organizing a gofundme page because our neighbor want to help with donations too.

Yes, they will grow healthy, find lovely homes and thrive and this because of all support we got from our neighborhood.

Our puppies and mama Feisty are great and the cutest little furry things, as you can see here, but I need to say that all this situation could have been avoided with responsible ownership. I understand that people don’t always have a lot of money but they have a pet, I get it, they make our lives brighter and full, but please, spay and neuter your pets. If you already find difficult to take care of one pet, can you imagine having a litter of puppies/kittens/bunnies to take care of? They need good food, vet care, vaccines, attention, love, exercise, you can’t just throw them away like garbage or give them to your neighbor sell them on NextDoor or craiglist. This guy took advantage of the situation, but he is not the problem, the problem is who don’t spay/neuter their pets with so many pets dying every day in all the crowded shelters.

You don’t neutered you dog because that “macho” bullshit? You are the problem. You don’t spayed/neutered your dog because you want sell puppies and have an extra income? You are the problem.

We have lots of options around the Bay Area if you don’t have money to go to the vet and get your pet fixed. Many organizations have low cost clinics (for vaccines too) and even free spay/neuter for people that can’t afford it at all.

Free and/or low cost spay/neuter clinics:

There is no excuse.


Lately I’m feeling a little bit frustrated. Not in life, that is going great, BTW, but with some aspects about live and work in community. I found myself thinking “OMG, what now?!” before read one more tweet in my timeline or some new message in a mailing list.

It’s hard to see people around the project trying to explain to other people some things that should be considered natural as breathing. I tell you, is a bad thing feel ashamed by the actions of others. I shouldn’t, but I do. Until not long ago (and believe me, sometimes I still do) I felt myself not worthy of being part of this world, but in recent days I’m feeling a lot better because I do know when things are wrong and people are talking nonsense around.

You could stop drinking coffee at all because you burned your tongue this morning? Or could you live alone forever if someone leave you with your heart broken?

I understand that some things hurts a lot, and I think that take a long time to decrease pain and you can think about the episode in a rational way. But this time comes for everyone with 32 teeth. I just think that is unfair to blame all coffee in the world because I burned my tongue in some bad coffeehouse around. I’m simplifying the problem? Maybe yes, maybe no.

I like very much of that famous speech of Steve Jobs at Stanford in 2005, and about simplifying things, I always remember that part:

“Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

Yeah, I know, not easy, isn’t it?

But what we can do? Live with fear of being hurt again? Live with the fear of fail again? Live of the fear of not be good enough? This would be a pathetic little life. We should grow up, accept our mistakes, learn with them, understand that there will always be assholes with no conscience and try again. But never, ever punish people who work like (or harder than) us, to build a better world, because of our fear.

I can’t help but thinking in that people who like to take advantage of the project’s name but not want to give anything in return… and I think we’ve enough of them.

Conference Linuxchix Brazil

It’s over! 🙂

The conference happened in last weekend, in Brasília/DF, with attendance about two hundred people, 6 courses, and 26 talks in two days of conference. We had a nice time together, was very good to meet friends and to know others. I want to say “thank you” to all attendees, speakers, to our sponsors, friends that worked in local team and local staff. A special thanks to others Chix that worked hard, before and during the conference (and still working ) and to our local coordinator, Pri, that did a amazing work.

Now is time to catch our ToDo list and start new tasks. We’ll wait for you in next year, in Curitiba/PR.

See you!

V Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil – Faroeste Caboclo

Mais um ano, mais um evento! Vamos nos reunir este ano no céu azul de nuvens doidas da capital do nosso país.

O Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil será nos dias 7 e 8 de setembro, em Brasília/DF, nas dependências da Faculdade IESBE. Estão sendo programadas as tradicionais palestras, mini cursos e várias outras novidades.

Faculdade IESB Campus Edson Machado Setor de Grandes Áreas Sul 613/614 lote 97/98. Asa Sul CEP: 70.200-730 Fone: 61 – 3445-4500 E-mail:

Chamada de Trabalhos está Aberta !! Para participar acesse aqui.


Ok, ok, I know, was just my first FISL, but I really liked, very much. I was with some friends, they are great! I laugh a lot and met other friends there and others that I never had found personally before. Was a big event, more than five thousand people. Many talks, user groups, projects and news (OLPC and Classmate are cool).

The food was bad there, but we took our food, chocolate, coke, water and cookies (friends: thanks for all chocolate, coffee, water, candies that kept us alive!!!). Thank you so much to expositors that have money and had coffee machines!!! They saved lifes. Today I miss that coffee yet, so good and hot.

Was cold there, sometimes, so much cold (brrr), but I think that was because had too much penguins there. =o)

I was in the Debian place, that was really great, the t-shirts are beautiful, we did work hard, did talk with many people, had some problems, is true, but I think that we did the best possible at the moment. We had an excellent leader and a great team. I’m so proud. ;o)


Curitiba will participate of the FLISOL 2007 and you? =o)

FLISOL (Latin American Software Libre Install Festival) is the largest Software Libre promoting event in Latin America. Since 2005, FLISOL promotes the use of software libre, making known its philosophy, its possibilities and developments to the general public. To achieve this, several local communities (in each country, in each city) will hold simultaneous events, where local technical experts will install software libre in the computers brought for this purpose. This will be done in an entirely legal manner and the service will be provided free of charge. At the same time, there will be talks, conferences and workshops about local, national and Latin American topics around software libre in all kind of expressions: artistic, academic, business and social aspects. If your country or town is not yet present and you are interested in coordinating the event there, please, take a look at this info. FLISOL 2007 will be held on Saturday, April 28.



I’m officially in the Linuxchix team. \o/

Yesterday, Sulamita announced that the LinuxChix was looking for volunteers for to help in many tasks. I did send a mail, later we had a talk and now here I’m! =o) I’ll start with some translations and with the content and news of the website. I need to learn about Drupal, mailing lists and so on.

I’m very happy for this and I’m thankful for the chance. Now, go to work! =o)

p.s. the time between my posts is reducing, this seem a good thing for me.

blooooood… =o)

Last saturday (november.25) was the day of blood giver volunteer. I met some friends and others volunteers in the morning, for talk about blood donation for some people in a square. Was good and funny… some people look at us as we want take off all blood of them, others run away, but had some that come at us for to talk, ask if can help, what can to do… this is very good. =o)