Facebook and small businesses

Facebook boost your business

Last March 04 I had the opportunity to participate in a special event that Facebook held for Women in Small Businesses in the Bay Area.

It was mostly about how you can use Facebook Ads to grow your small business and I must say, I was impressed on how easy and cool the new tools are. You can see most of the things they talked about in the Facebook for Business website. I really liked all the audiences/targeting new stuff, pretty cool you upload a list of your current clients and Facebook match them with new possible clients! The best part is that we didn’t need to take notes, all the tips, how-tos, videos are available on their eLearning tool.

I loved see the success cases, all women local small businesses owners talking and sharing their experiences like before and after, or how much they had grew and how they explore new opportunities through buildings audiences with specific needs.

Inspiring and empowering.

Conference Linuxchix Brazil

It’s over! 🙂

The conference happened in last weekend, in Brasília/DF, with attendance about two hundred people, 6 courses, and 26 talks in two days of conference. We had a nice time together, was very good to meet friends and to know others. I want to say “thank you” to all attendees, speakers, to our sponsors, friends that worked in local team and local staff. A special thanks to others Chix that worked hard, before and during the conference (and still working ) and to our local coordinator, Pri, that did a amazing work.

Now is time to catch our ToDo list and start new tasks. We’ll wait for you in next year, in Curitiba/PR.

See you!

V Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil – Faroeste Caboclo

Mais um ano, mais um evento! Vamos nos reunir este ano no céu azul de nuvens doidas da capital do nosso país.

O Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil será nos dias 7 e 8 de setembro, em Brasília/DF, nas dependências da Faculdade IESBE. Estão sendo programadas as tradicionais palestras, mini cursos e várias outras novidades.

Faculdade IESB Campus Edson Machado Setor de Grandes Áreas Sul 613/614 lote 97/98. Asa Sul CEP: 70.200-730 Fone: 61 – 3445-4500 E-mail: iesb@iesb.br

Chamada de Trabalhos está Aberta !! Para participar acesse aqui.


I’m officially in the Linuxchix team. \o/

Yesterday, Sulamita announced that the LinuxChix was looking for volunteers for to help in many tasks. I did send a mail, later we had a talk and now here I’m! =o) I’ll start with some translations and with the content and news of the website. I need to learn about Drupal, mailing lists and so on.

I’m very happy for this and I’m thankful for the chance. Now, go to work! =o)

p.s. the time between my posts is reducing, this seem a good thing for me.