Warning! This is a #mimimi blog post. Jeez! Some things are so difficult to live with, even for a short time. Please, I don’t care about the size of your company, but please, you need have a scm to your developers. I don’t care if you are a manager that thinks that your team are

I, me, myself

I’m Ana Carolina, but I prefer when people calls me Carol, I don’t use the Ana, has a lot of Ana in my family, I’m aquarius, I was born in 77, I have a blog but I’m too lazy to keep it up to date, I’ve fun with twitter and now I’m in facebook too,


Yep, one more year. Chocolate cake, three more penguins, a nice weekend and other things.

Conference Linuxchix Brazil

It’s over! 🙂 The conference happened in last weekend, in Brasília/DF, with attendance about two hundred people, 6 courses, and 26 talks in two days of conference. We had a nice time together, was very good to meet friends and to know others. I want to say “thank you” to all attendees, speakers, to our

I read…

I finished the book… It is a little strange, a mix of sadness, fear, relief, hope… Many answered questions. I liked, really, was impressive. Now, back to the life… I need some rest… uahh.


Many time away. Some things happened. I had some days of vacations I went visit my father I survived to a dinner with my mother and father together (they are divorced since… ahmmm… many years) My son is officialy tallest than me :o) I read some books and bought others I did back to the

V Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil – Faroeste Caboclo

Mais um ano, mais um evento! Vamos nos reunir este ano no céu azul de nuvens doidas da capital do nosso país. O Encontro Nacional Linuxchix Brasil será nos dias 7 e 8 de setembro, em Brasília/DF, nas dependências da Faculdade IESBE. Estão sendo programadas as tradicionais palestras, mini cursos e várias outras novidades. Faculdade


The winter arrived… jaquet, gloves, blouses… I’ll not complain. I really prefer the summer, with hot days, nice wind and wonderful nights covered with stars. Today is a very beautiful day, sunny, blue sky… I still want to be a bear in the winter and sleep for all season, but I can’t… so, I’ll enjoy