Ana Carolina Comandulli

Full Stack Web Developer
San Francisco Bay Area, US

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Full Stack Web Developer with Digital Marketing skills with 8+ years of experience coding, building, analyzing and maintaining web applications. Flexible, can work in a fast paced environment and handle multiple projects at same time. Self-starter, detail oriented and able to work independently.

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Mobile: +1 650 739 9804


I’m passionate about collaboration and my desire to understand more about both, people and technology, gave me the ability to have a unique perspective of technical definitions and business demands, so I can be a reliable bridge to gap tech and non-tech teams. I have joy working on different projects and learning every day, this is one of the main reasons I’m deeply interested (and involved) with Free and Open Source software. My goal is to always improve the dynamics of what I’m working on, striving to have a good and understandable code-base, producing clear documentation
(for developers and users), creating a healthy environment with amazing test coverage (which are easy to implement and extend), and contributing to build a solid infrastructure to support the team, with the ultimate goal of enrich the relationship between people, either team mates, clients or stakeholders.


Western Digital | October 2018 – present


Full stack development working with PHP and WordPress. Developing custom themes, components and plugins, improving WordPress customized themes, plus managing, securing, and maintaining multiple blogs, microsites, and single-page apps. Working closely with the analytics and SEO team to have the tools and ways to make their jobs easier.
In the beginning, my main goal was to work through an improvements backlog list and get the blogs more secure, faster and with better performance overall.
Some tasks were simple but others, like performance and reliability, were a bit more complicated. We solved most of the problems migrating from a homemade infrastructure to a managed host, with development infrastructure (git repositories, automatic hooks, multidev workflow and dev, test and production environments) where I could focus on the blogs instead of the maintenance of the server infrastructure and security. The migrations were finished in January, 2020, with awesome performance changes after that. For example, in May, 2019, we had our lowest Lighthouse score ever for mobile (Corporate Blog): 5/100. Now we have 91/100 Lighthouse score and we’re not finished yet.
In a joint effort, we are working on a lighter base theme, focusing in the mobile-first approach, being ADA complaint and i18n ready, to be applied to all blogs in the next few months.

Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, git, Gulp, Tailwind, Linux, MySQL, JavaScript, Foundation 6.

Freelancer | March 2017 – present


 am a consultant specializing in WordPress: theme and plugin development, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), migration, optimization, custom post type and web analytics implementation. One of my projects from last year was implement a new theme and web analytics, develop custom post types and taxonomies and integrate 3rd party APIs for a Real Estate company in Atherton, CA.

Technologies: PHP, WordPress, MySQL, git, HTML, CSS, JS, some 3rd party APIs like Google Maps API.

Spirallab | July 2015 – June 2017


Developed tailored WordPress themes for customers, from prototype to production, including template adjustment and plugins’ improvements. Database design for clients’ demands primarily on MySQL. Data analysis focused on Web Analytics (SEO, Growth, Conversion rate). I was able to improve the development process, reducing time to deploy code to production and minimizing human errors. One of the biggest accomplishments was increasing sales by 42% through our Web Analytics analysis.

Technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, SASS, git, Foundation, Linux, MySQL, Apache, JavaScript.

Configr | November 2013 – May 2015


Wrote, reviewed and published content in Social Media platforms. Wrote official product documentation (internal and external) used by customers. Created the website content in both Brazilian Portuguese and English.
During my time there was able to add i18n support across the platform and have documentation 100% translated for both Brazilian Portuguese and English.

Technologies: Django, i18n, git, translation tools (virtaal and poedit).

Pastoral da Criança | October 2009 – September 2011


Team Lead overseeing four software engineers, acting as Project Manager being the interface between internal customers, business, and development team to set goals, define specifications and plan road maps. Primary Database Administrator working with Geographic Information System (GIS), creating processes to extract, transform, and load (ETL) different types of data. We maintained different internal tools, including the company’s ERP. Technical Instructor for several internal courses.
Wrote documentation and created training material for all the internal applications developed by the engineering team. Created a Business Intelligence (BI) tool to analyse and cross-reference geospatial data between the company’s ERP and the Brazilian Census Data.

Technologies: PHP, PostgreSQL, GIS, PostGis, git, Linux, Apache, Zend, HTML, CSS, Scrum, Fabric.

Serviço Social Autonomo PARANACIDADE | December 2001 – July 2008


Developing the company’s main internal tool to track urban development projects, working with business analysts to implement new features and processes. Writing documentation both for the engineering team and the internal costumers. Contributed to the implementation and adoption of the company’s Free Software-based Intranet.

Technologies: Centura/SQLBase, PHP, GIS, MapServer, Subversion, PostgreSQL, PostGIS.



August 1996 – March 2001, SPEI


January 2008 – July 2009, UFPR


Web Development
Extract, Transform, Load (ETL)
Data Modeling, Database Administration
PostgreSQL, MySql, SQL
Software Development
Software Documentation
Linux, Debian
SEO for developers


Brazilian Portuguese (Native or Bilingual)
English (Full Professional)

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