I code

I started coding during my college internship and it was 1998… geez!!! So long ago! Well, I started learning the language used by the company I worked for, and it was Centura (years after my friends still make fun of me for coding in an alien language 😛 ). It had a very limited IDE and the company had to create functions for everything. It was some of that things people say that will be the future and the government buys it and years after have a legacy code that very few people in the country know what to do. In the package had a simple kind of repository, what was good since we had a team working on the systems, and was my very first coding job and I started getting used to source code management. Okay, something like that, because it was funny, when you needed a file and a colleague had it, you need to ask them to release the file and when I say ask them, is walking to his/her desk, calling or yelling to the person 2 desks away from you. 🙂

In 2005 I left Centura behind and was coding in PHP, using SVN and Linux and I never looked back. Some people don’t believe when I tell them I don’t know how to use Windows anymore, but I’m using solely Debian since 2005.

I still use PHP, but now more because WordPress, that I’m using with in the last four years, for work and for personal projects. You probably will see a lot of WordPress around here. The beauty of my working days? Just put my hands in free and open source tools to make great projects.