2006 – I survived

Happy new year!! That 2007 can be a great year! =oD Some things… * After a few days of vacations, today I did back to work. * I did today (yes, I woke up early) the register of my son in his new school. * Today is a gray day (again), it’s raining since last…

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cow parade

I really did think that would be a little ‘different’ have cows for all city… yes, big cows, like real cows, but is funny go out and looking for one more cow. =o) It’s the cow parade that travels around the world, and now is here, in Curitiba. Have approximately 30 cows and maps for…

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blooooood… =o)

Last saturday (november.25) was the day of blood giver volunteer. I met some friends and others volunteers in the morning, for talk about blood donation for some people in a square. Was good and funny… some people look at us as we want take off all blood of them, others run away, but had some…

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good memories

Do you know when we save some nice images in mind and it follow us for days??? I like that… close my eyes and see again and again… is like to have my own Youtube… =o) but much better! I can remember the smell, taste, colours, texture, sounds and all others details of the moment.…

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Blog Day!

Hi! Today is the Blog Day! We can commemorate posting links for other interesting blogs. (I liked that!) =o) Adopte a abandoned dog! More abandoned dogs Debian Planet Friends and valeta =o) Blood donation

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I’m frozen. I’m thinking about caves and bears. I’m thinking about family. I’m thinking about friends. I’m thinking about summer, sand and sea. I’m thinking about PHP (isn’t so scary as I thought). I’m thinking about coffee (so much better now with our new coffeepot). I’m thinking about the ‘father’s day’ (my father arrived today in…

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I’m back

I’m back!! I had some problems with my blog, but now it’s working again. =o) News??? hummm… Wolverine (my Desktop) is very better!!! Strong, smart… Thanks so much, faw!! (he did miracles) =o) School vacations of my son! I can sleep a little more in the morning (it’s veeeeery good). I liked of Freemind and…

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