What I do

I’m passionate about collaboration and my desire to understand more about both, people and technology, gave me the ability to have a unique perspective of technical definitions and business demands, so I can be a reliable bridge to gap tech and non-tech teams.

I have joy working on different projects and learning every day, this is one of the main reasons I’m deeply interested (and involved) with Free and Open Source software. My goal is to always improve the dynamics of what I’m working on, striving to have a good and understandable code-base, producing clear documentation (for developers and users), creating a healthy environment with amazing test coverage (which are easy to implement and extend), and contributing to build a solid infrastructure to support the team, with the ultimate goal of enrich the relationship between people, either team mates, clients or stake holders.

Current job

Now a days I work at Spirallab, a startup focused on providing creative solutions for the web market, using exclusively Free Software, expanding existing products to address the needs of the clients. I’m really proud of our work.